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Scarlet sage Flower Plant

By: Shri Mahadev Nursery

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Does best in full to moderate shade.
Maintain a constant moisture content in the soil, particularly in hot and dry weather. To stop root rot, don't overwater.
It's crucial that the soil drains well. The best soil is loamy or sandy with organic materials.
Generally tolerant of heat and prefers warm temperatures.
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Description : 

The gorgeous flowering plant known as scarlet sage, or Salvia coccinea in science, is indigenous to the Southeast United States, Mexico, and Central America. It is a member of the Lamiaceae family of mints. This herbaceous perennial is highly valued for its vivid scarlet-red tubular blooms, which bloom profusely from late spring to fall and draw hummingbirds and butterflies as pollinators. 

Note : This image only use for illustration purpose. 

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