Plant Doctor

Urbot's plant doctors follow a systematic procedure to diagnose and treat plant health issues effectively:

Benefits of Plant Doctor:

Initial Assessment: Evaluate your plant's appearance, growth patterns, and visible symptoms of distress.

Plant Examination: Carefully inspect the foliage, stems, roots, and overall structure of the plant, including the surrounding environment.

Diagnosis:Use expertise in plant biology, diseases, and pests to identify the underlying problem affecting the plant's health.

Treatment Plan:Develop a customised plan to address the specific needs of your plant, including adjustments to watering, lighting, nutrients, and pest control.

Guidance and Recommendations:Provide detailed advice on implementing the treatment plan, including watering techniques, fertilisation schedules, pest prevention, and other essential practices for plant recovery and long-term health.

Follow-up and Monitoring: Schedule visits to monitor progress, make necessary adjustments, and offer ongoing support and guidance.

Maintenance and Preventive Measures: Advice on maintenance practices and preventive measures to sustain the plant's health, such as regular pruning, pest and disease monitoring, and optimising environmental conditions.

A plant doctor is well-versed in plant biology, diseases, pests, and environmental factors that can affect the health of your plants. Urbot's dedicated plant doctors combine their expertise, experience, and passion for plant care to revive and maintain the health of your indoor oasis. Schedule an appointment with Urbot's plant doctors today to benefit from our specialised knowledge and ensure the vitality of your plants.

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